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Aqua Flow blue cold water hose pipe (Ref: TA716)
Mesh Side kit for Brenderup 1150 trailer (Ref: 1150MESH)
Avonride 1500 kg. suspension unis 5 on 112mm. (Ref: SU2812)
Peakride 1500 kg. suspension units 5 on 6" PCD (Ref: SU326)
Knott Avonride KRV30 Pole coupling, 3000 kg., 100mm. box (Ref: CPL171)
Knott Avonride KRV20 Pole coupling, 2000 kg., 80mm. box (Ref: CPL159)
Knott Avonride KRV13 Pole coupling, 1300 kg., 80mm. box (Ref: CPL158)
Knott Avonride KRV13 Pole coupling, 1300kg., 70mm. box (Ref: CPL157)
TT LED square lamp 4 function, 12v. (Ref: LT864)
145 R12 C, 100 mm. PCD, no offset (Ref: WL542)
145 R12 C, 100mm. PCD, 30mm. offset (Ref: WL541)
22x11.0-8, heavy duty wheel and tyre assembly (Ref: WL362)
TT LED round rear lamp, 6-30v., 140mm dia. (Ref: LT908)
TT LED round rear lamp, 12/24v. S.T.I. (Ref: LT905)
TT LED Reversing lamp 12/24v. (Ref: LT845)
TT LED fog lamp 12/24V. (Ref: LT841)
TT LED front/rear marker lamp 10-30v, rubber body (Ref: LT807)
TT LED round interior lamp 12/24v. 95mm dia. (Ref: LT729)
TT LED interior lamp "short" 12/24v. (Ref: LT881)
TT LED interior lamp "long", 12/24v. (Ref: LT727)

Winch Posts

Winch post with stem

Ref: WIN135

Winch post with stem


(Including VAT at 20%)

Winch post and stem. Zinc plated with mounting bracket for bow snubber block. Size of box section 60x40mm. Can be fitted to drawbars using U-bolts (not supplied).

Bow snubber block

Related Product - Bow snubber block

Stem for bow snubber block

Ref: WIN136

Stem for bow snubber block


(Including VAT at 20%)

Spare snubber block stem for WIN134 winch post. For use with RLR158 bow snubber block with 19mm. dia. bore. Mounting holes are 50mm. centres. Use U-bolt RLR122 to fit to winch post WIN135. Silver or gold rust resistant coating.

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