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Trailer kit, 1300 kg., braked with 13" wheels

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Part no: TRKIT1300
Trailer kit, 1300 kg., braked with 13" wheels. Kit consists of:
- CPL107 Knott Avonride AutoReverse coupling
- BRKS147 M10 brake rod x2
- BRKS148 brake rod connector
- SU106 mounting plates x2
- M12 mounting bolts and nuts
- BRKS145 barake cable anchor plate
- BRKS112 single axle equalizer
- SU317 pair, Peak 1300 kg. suspension units
- BRKS124 Detachable cable 1320mm. x2
- WL518 165R13, 8 ply, with 4 on 5.5" PCD wheel assembly x2

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