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What are the benefits of camping trailers?

What are the benefits of camping trailers?

Love camping? Here's why you need a camping trailer

There's no denying that camping is wonderful. Getting back to nature; sleeping under the stars; cooking on a camp stove... However no one, and I mean NO ONE, enjoys the before and after bit. The bit that involves packing up the car. With the best will in the world there's never quite enough room for all your kit. And as much as you might like to leave behind a child in order to squeeze in all your fishing gear, it's probably not an option.

Then there's the damage to your car to consider. Shoe horning in all that equipment before you head off is bad enough, but when you come to pack up at the end of your trip and it's all wet and muddy – well you can wave goodbye to a scratch free, clean interior.

But guess what? We have just the solution for you - one that will lighten the load and damage to your car, and solve all your storage problems.You guessed it - it's a trailer!!

Did you know that there are trailers that are specially designed for camping?

Here are 10 very good reasons why you need a camping trailer...

  • As already mentioned, it's much kinder to your car's suspension and interior.
  • It's safer to travel with gas cylinders in a trailer, than in your car.
  • You can carry just about anything (other than kids and animals) in a camping trailer.
  • If you're worried about the security of your equipment, then you can invest in a hard top trailer or an ABS lockable lid.
  • If you're worried about someone pinching your trailer, then you can invest in a wheel clamp or a small hitch lock.
  • If you've got somewhere safe and dry to keep your trailer at home, then you don't necessarily need to unpack everything after each trip. You can leave lots of equipment in the trailer. It's a great storage solution and it means it's all packed up ready for your next trip.
  • It's also super useful storage whilst you're camping. Simply lock it up and leave it.
  • You can carry loads of up to 625kg without brakes, or up to two tons with brakes.
  • If you find your camping equipment has outgrown your trailer (it happens!), then you can always add a high cover and frame. This will give you another 83cm of height. Alternatively, part exchange your trailer with us for an upgrade.
  • You can even get cycle carriers that fit on top of your trailer cover. That means there's no need to leave anything at home!
  • If you're heading over to France with your trailer, then you'll also need a spare wheel. I'd also advise you contact your car insurance company to find out where you stand on the insurance front. You may need to purchase additional insurance.

  • And finally, for a demonstration on how to hitch your trailer, then I'd highly recommend watching our new ‘Attaching a trailer to your vehicle' video – featuring yours truly and my colleague Leigh. It's only 3 minutes long. You can find it here.

    If you've got any questions, then you know where we are. We'd love to help, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.