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6V/12V 10 Amp Smart Car & Motorcycle Battery Charger

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Product Features:

○ Universal Use
○ Ideal For Vehicle in Storage
○ Short-Circuit Protection
○ 6V/12V 10 Amp
○ Battery Capacity Compatibility: 3 to 200 AH
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6V/12V 10 Amp Smart Car & Motorcycle Battery Charger

This smart charger is capable of charging both 6V and 12V batteries at a maximum charge power of 10 Amps. With a unique microprocessor that monitors the battery level so that it adjusts the charge power, preventing the battery from getting overcharged.

This smart charger follows a three process:

Bulk Charge: If the battery charge level is low or flat, the battery charger will provide its maximum charge power.

Absorption: Once the battery level is at 80%, charge power is reduced to the point where the battery is absorbing a steady charge.

Float: The charge power is further reduced to a slow trickle charge when the battery level is at 95%.

When the battery level is nearly full, and the battery is still connected to the charger, the charger will automatically keep the battery full without overcharging it.

The charger features an LCD display that shows the current charge level. It also features four charge modes: car, motorcycle, trickle, and winter. The winter charge mode is for charging the battery during cold conditions when more charge power is required. The trickle charge provides a slow charge for maintaining and optimising the battery level.