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How do I secure my trailer?

Whether your trailer is parked on your drive, on site, or in a car park, unfortunately it's vulnerable to theft.

Fitting more than one security device gives you greater protection against someone driving off with it. Here are some of your options…

Wheel clamps

Wheel clamps are an excellent, instant visual deterrent and a great anti-theft device. By placing a wheel clamp on your trailer wheels, they become completely immobilised. That means they're also useful to keep your trailer in place if it's parked on an incline. Wheel clamps come in various designs and sizes and we stock a large selection of Bulldog and Stronghold clamps. Take a look at our range here.

Hitch locks

Never assume your trailer is safe just because it's hitched to your car or van. A good hitch lock will lock your trailer to your tow bar. However, determined thieves can bypass a hitchlock, so our advice would be to combine it with a wheel clamp for added protection. Click here to view our range of hitch locks.

Wheel locks

Another way to immobilise your trailer is to immobilise its wheels with wheel locks or locking wheel nuts, as they're also known. These replace your lug nuts on the outside of your wheel and can only be removed with a special key. Click this link to check out our range of wheel locks.

Security posts

If your trailer is visible on your drive or kept overnight on commercial premises, then it's worth considering a security post. These need to be set in concrete and they act as a bollard. We sell a number of options, which include fold down and removable posts, as well as a model that has a hitch lock on top to allow you to hitch your trailer to the post. View our security posts here.

Pinpoint GPS tracker

Should your trailer disappear, then a GPS tracker can track it accurately to within five metres. The PinPointPal GPS Tracker enables you to check the location of your trailer at anytime. Simply fit the PP10 device discreetly to your trailer and log into your account on your computer or phone for live tracking and to trace previous movements. You'll find it here.

And finally...

When it comes to trailer security, there are a couple of other points to make. It is always worth contacting your insurance company to see if they have any specific requirements, or will reduce your insurance quote if you have specific security measures fitted. You should also consider means to assist with the recovery of your trailer if it is stolen. A GPS tracker is one option, but adding some form of identification, such as scratching hidden contact details onto it, wouldn't go amiss.

Finally, if you see or hear anything regarding the theft or disposal of stolen trailers, then you can contact the confidential Freephone Crimestoppers line on 0800 555111.

If you need any advice on security options and devices, then give us a call on 01962 774988. We'd love to help!