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Braked Trailer Couplings

Explore superior towing control with our selection of braked trailer couplings. Our braked trailer couplings are meticulously engineered to deliver quality performance, ensuring optimal control and safety during towing. Crafted with precision, these couplings feature advanced braking systems that synchronise seamlessly with your vehicle, providing responsive and stable stopping power for both the towing vehicle and the trailer. Explore our diverse range, including renowned brands such as AL-KO, Bradley, Indespension and Knott.

What is a Braked Trailer Coupling?

A braked trailer coupling is a mechanical component designed for towing applications which incorporates a braking system. Unlike unbraked trailer couplings, which rely solely on the towing vehicle's braking system, braked couplings have their own braking mechanism integrated into the coupling. This braking system helps control and slow down both the towing vehicle and the attached trailer by activating the trailer's brake cables when the towing vehicle is braking or decelerating. Braked trailer couplings are commonly used when towing heavier trailers, as the integrated brakes contribute to improved safety and control, but are also a legal requirement for towing loads of more than 750kg on the road.

What Types of Braked Trailer Couplings Are Available?

Delta Couplings: Delta couplings are a type of braked trailer coupling known for their triangular or "delta" shape. These couplings typically feature a robust construction and are suitable for heavy-duty towing applications. The triangular design provides stability and strength, contributing to effective braking performance.
Pole Couplings: Pole couplings, also known as pole tongue couplings, are characterized by their elongated box shape. These couplings often include a pole or tongue that extends from the towing vehicle to the trailer. The design allows for secure attachment and efficient transfer of braking force, making them suitable for various towing scenarios.
Spring-Damped Couplings: Spring-damped couplings incorporate a spring mechanism to enhance towing comfort and reduce jolts or shocks during acceleration and braking. The spring dampening helps absorb sudden movements, providing a smoother towing experience. These couplings are particularly beneficial when towing on uneven or rough terrain.

Braked Trailer Couplings FAQ’s

Are braked trailer couplings suitable for all types of trailers?

Braked trailer couplings come in various designs to suit different trailers. Factors such as weight, towing conditions, and braking requirements influence the choice. It's essential to select a coupling that aligns with the specific trailer type and towing needs.

Are braked trailer couplings a legal requirement?

In many regions, including the UK, braked trailer couplings are a legal requirement for towing loads exceeding a certain weight, often around 750kg. It's crucial to check local regulations to ensure compliance with towing laws.

Do braked trailer couplings require special maintenance?

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal performance. This includes inspecting and adjusting brake components, ensuring proper lubrication, and checking for any signs of wear. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for specific maintenance intervals.