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Trailer Security & Accessories

We all know trailer security can be a big issue when it comes to leaving your trailer, this is why we stock a full range of trailer security and anti-theft products including wheel clamps, trailer locks, trailer hitch lock, trailer wheel clamps, bulldog wheel clamps, AL-KO hitch locks, Knott hitch locks, Knott coupling locks, trailer wheel locks and lock bolts. We stock a huge variety of trailer security devices so you can select the right device to keep your trailer protected. All our security products are built to be robust with the highest strength so you can be confident you are keeping your trailer secure and safe.

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What are trailer hitch locks and why are they important?

Trailer hitch locks are devices that go over or onto the trailer hitch or trailer coupling. At Trailertek, the UK’s leading online retailer for trailer parts, we offer a wide range of trailer hitch locks as they are a great device to keep your trailer secure by preventing anyone from attaching the trailer coupling to a towing vehicle. Typically, they are made of durable material such as steel and come with a set of keys which are used to lock or unlock the trailer hitch lock. As the hitch locks create a physical barrier over the trailer coupling, they are a great way to deter thieves.  

At Traikertek we have a wide range of hitch locks for trailers including Al-Ko hitch lock, Bulldog hitch lock and Stronghold hitch lock. Some of the benefits of hitch locks include:

  1. Their ease of use as they are easy to install making them a practical and effective solution to keep your trailer secure.
  2. Trailer hitch locks are a great theft deterrent as once these are secured onto your trailer coupling it is almost impossible to attach the coupling to a towing vehicle.
  3. These are a nifty trailer security device to keep your mind at ease as you may be storing your trailer out of season in a quiet location so knowing that your trailer is secure by using a trailer hitch lock is a great benefit. 

Do I need a trailer wheel clamp and what is it?

A trailer wheel clamp usually consists of a heavy-duty metal or steel frame that encases your trailer wheel. It a great way to keep your trailer secure and they have a lock or padlock mechanism. Trailer wheel clamps are designed to ensure that the trailer wheel cannot move or rotate, effectively immobilising it.

Whether you need a trailer wheel clamp depends on various factors, including the type of trailer you have and your specific trailer security needs. If you have a high value trailer that is parked in an area with a history of thefts or a public place a trailer wheel clamp can be a useful trailer security device. Also, some insurance policies may require specific security measures and a wheel clamp may be needed as a theft prevention device, so check with your insurer to see whether this is the case. Ultimately, a trailer wheel clamp is an inexpensive way to make sure your trailer is secure especially if it is left in a high-risk area and above all it will give you peace of mind knowing you have taken all the precautions you can when it comes to your trailer security.

Why should I buy a trailer security device from TrailerTek?

Trailertek was the first online trailer parts retailer and has been trading for over 25 years. As a leader in the trailer parts industry whether you are looking for trailer security devices, trailer spare parts, trailer suspension units, trailer axles, jockey wheels or anything your trailer needs we have got you covered. When it comes to trailer security, we have what you need including Al Ko hitch locks, Stronghold hitch locks, Bulldog wheel clamps and hitch locks and SAS hitch locks to name a few. We provide the very best and most high-quality trailer security devices and if you need any help choosing the right trailer part for you just get in touch and one of our friendly team members will be on hand to help you.

Trailer Security FAQ’s 

Should I buy a trailer wheel clamp and a trailer hitch lock together?

There is no simple answer to that as it really comes down to personal preference and where you are keeping your trailer. However, for piece of mind you can use both a trailer wheel clamp and trailer hitch lock at the same time to make sure your keep your trailer secure.

Can I buy trailer security locks from TrailerTek?

Yes, in our trailer security miscellaneous and spares section you purchase trailer security locks such as cable locks, chain locks, barrel locks and padlocks. These can be very cost-effective trailer security options.

Does TrailerTek sell spare for trailer hitch locks and wheel clamps?

Yes, TrailerTek sells a wide range of trailer security spares for hitch locks and wheel clamps. This includes wheel clamp extension tubes and replacement barrel locks.