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Trailer Couplings & Spares

Couple your trailer to your trailer hitch with one of our braked or unbraked trailer coupling types from AL-KO, Bradley, Indespension, and Knott Avonride. Delta, pole and sprung trailer couplings to suit all trailer makes and models. We have trailer couplings to fit all types of trailer hitch - check the coupling sizing. Check out the Trailertek guide on how to choose your trailer coupling which you may find helpful. We also stock a huge range of coupling parts & spares to suit all of your trailer coupling needs, from coupling heads to safety cables and everything in between. 
Order your trailer couplings and spares today and get FREE UK delivery on all orders over £175. Orders made before 2pm will be dispatched the same day!

What unbraked trailer hitch couplings does Trailertek sell?

When towing in the UK, please note that the legal gross weight limit for an unbraked trailer hitch coupling is 750kg. For towing any trailers over this size, you will need to purchase a braked trailer hitch coupling. As trailer couplings are one of the most important parts for a trailer as they provide the link between the towing vehicle and trailer, at Trailertek we have carefully selected a wide range of unbraked trailer hitch couplings for you to choose from. 

Our entry level budget trailer hitch, but for us a Trailertek budget does not mean compromising on quality, we offer the TT Pressed Steel Trailer Coupling. This is ideal for those looking to save a penny or two. This product comes without a trailer hitch lock but the AL-KO Style Integral Hitch Lock "Small" can be purchased separately for those worried about their trailer security. For those who like branded trailer parts we offer a range of Al-Ko pressed steel couplings, Knott pressed steel couplings, Bradley unbraked couplings as well as Al-Ko tube couplings or Al-Ko couplings with delta plates. If you have browsed our trailer hitch coupling range and there is trailer hitch you want but can’t see it on the Trailertek online trailer parts store, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our team who will be able to assist you.

Which braked trailer hitch couplings are available for purchase from Trailertek?

In the UK when towing any trailer with a gross weight of more than 750kg, it is the law that you need to have a braked trailer hitch coupling. At Trailertek our goal is to bring you the best online range of trailer parts in the UK and when it comes to braked tailer hitch couplings you can purchase pole couplings, spring damped couplings or delta couplings. Both the delta couplings and pole couplings are for trailers with auto reverse functions making them standard these days, however we are nostalgic and for those towing older trailers we do have a range of the spring damped couplings.
Browse our range of braked trailer hitch couplings which include Bradley delta couplings, Al-Ko delta couplings, Indespension delta couplings, Knott-Avondride pole couplings, Al-Ko pole couplings, Bradley spring damper couplings and much more. Our delta trailer hitch couplings come with various options including pressed steel heads, cast coupling heads and towing eyes. 

What trailer hitch spares does Trailertek stock?

As Trailertek is one of the UK’s leading online trailer parts stores it goes without saying that we offer a wide range of trailer coupling spares. You can buy everything you need for your trailer hitch coupling including coupling bellows, handbrake parts, coupling heads, safety cables, towing eyes, coupling dampers and more. One of the most important trailers coupling spares that you do need is the breakaway safety cable. It is a legal requirement for all trailers built after 1982 to have this as if your trailer gets unhitched the breakaway safety cable will put the trailer brakes on. If you are looking for a new or replacement coupling head, we have a wide selection from the leading brands including Bradley, Indespension, Al-Ko and Knott-Avonride.

Trailer Hitch Coupling and Spares FAQ’s

Does Trailertek sell any trailer security accessories for my trailer hitch?

Yes, we do! However, we would point out that some of our couplings come with integrated locks acting as anti-theft devices such as the AL-KO Profi V Cast Delta coupling (3500 kg) but for those that don’t have a trailer hitch with lock can purchase integral hitch locks which will lock the coupling handles. Trailertek offers more substantial hitch locks for trailers such as the Bulldog mini hitch lock and the SAS fortress hitch lock range. Be sure to check out our trailer hitch lock range where you will find a handpicked selection of the very best hitch locks for trailers.  

What is the main difference between a braked and unbraked trailer hitch coupling?

When choosing your trailer hitch the decision between purchasing a braked trailer hitch and an unbraked trailer hitch comes down to the size of the gross load you will be towing. In the UK it is the law to have a braked trailer hitch for trailer with gross loads over 750kg. For loads of up to 750kg an unbraked trailer hitch will be suitable. 

Does Trailertek sell towballs and towing accessories to go with trailer couplings?

Yes! You can purchase trailer towballs or trailer hitch balls (as it is sometimes known) from Trailertek to go with your trailer hitch coupling. We offer a huge selection of towing balls whether you are looking for a simple bolt on towball or a dual purchase towball with an integrated towing jaw. In our range we also have plenty of towing jaws and towing accessories including things like towing pins or drop plated to adjust your towing equipment. All of our towballs are high quality but we do appreciate that we are not in control of the weather which can cause the build of rust. To help you with this we also offer tow ball covers to keep your towing equipment in the best condition it can be, which ultimately keeps you towing!