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Knott Trailer Parts

Knott-Avonride is a well-known brand in the trailer industry, providing high-quality trailer parts and components to customers all over the world. Their products are known for their reliability, durability, and superior performance. Trailertek is the UK’s leading online trailer parts store and we offer a wide range of Knott trailer parts and Avonride trailer parts including trailer hitch locks, jockey wheels, bearings for trailer wheels, trailer suspension units, trailer hitch couplings, trailer brake cables and much more.  
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What are Knott-Avonride trailer hitch couplings?

Knott-Avonride couplings are an essential component of a trailer's towing system. They connect the trailer to the towing vehicle, providing a safe and secure connection. Knott-Avonride couplings come in a range of sizes and designs to fit different types of trailers and vehicles. They are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty use. Knott-Avonride make both braked trailer couplings and unbraked trailer couplings. Make sure you check what type of coupling you need for your trailer before purchasing a trailer coupling as it is a legal requirement to have a braked trailer for gross loads over 750kg. Be sure to check out our guides on how to choose a trailer hitch coupling here if you would like more information before purchasing.

Does Trailertek sell Knott brake parts?

Yes, we do. Keep your Knott brakes in top condition with our huge selection of Knott brake spare parts and replacements. Knott have a fantastic reputation in the world of trailer braking having provided excellent quality parts for years and years. As brakes are a critical feature of trailer safety because they are designed to slow down or stop the trailer when the towing vehicle brakes are applied, they are a critical trailer part. Don’t forget that you will need a brake cable for trailers, and we have a wide range from Knott to choose from. You won't be disappointed when you replace with Knott genuine replacement parts.

Why should I buy Avonride trailer suspension units?

Knott-Avonride trailer suspension units are designed to improve the ride comfort of a trailer and reduce the impact of bumps and vibrations. They are a popular choice amongst the towing community as Knott-Avonride suspension units are known for their high-quality construction and superior performance. They come in a range of options namely unbraked suspension units without hubs, unbraked suspension units with hubs and braked suspension units. Besides for the smoother ride, investing in a trailer suspension unit can prolong the life of your trailer as it can reduce the wear and tear because it helps distribute the weight of the load more evenly over your trailer. They also help give the trailer better handling and stability as well as increased safety. It is important that you have the right suspension unit for your trailer and before buying please do check out our guide on trailer suspension units which may be able to help you. 

Knott-Avonride trailer parts FAQs

Who are Knott-Avonride?

In 1983 Knott-Avonride was established to manufacture and supply of trailer brakes, trailer couplings, trailer brake cables and jockey wheels. It also manufactures caravan parts. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and regularly uses new technology and techniques that enables it to develop the product range, creating industry leading towing products which are distributed in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

Does Knott-Avonride offer jockey wheels?

Knott-Avonride produce jockey wheels for trailers and caravans. Jockey wheels are an important trailer part as they help support and manoeuvre a trailer or caravan when they are stationary.

Is it important to have Knott-Avonride bearings for trailer wheels?

Yes, bearings for trailer wheels are an essential part if a trailer wheel system allowing the wheels to rotate smoothly with minimal friction. If the wheel bearings are damaged or worn, it can cause a range of problems for the trailer, including reduced fuel efficiency, increased wear and tear on the tires, and even complete wheel failure. Therefore, it is important that your trailer wheel bearings are in good condition and Knott-Avonride bearings are known for their strength, durability, and long-lasting performance.