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Axles & Suspension For Trailers

Here at TrailerTek, we supply the best range of trailer suspension & Axle units online. We have a huge variety of suspension & axle parts that you can purchase singularly or as part of a trailer suspension & axle kit. We have a huge stock of suspension units, stub axles, bearings, and caps. Including both braked and unbraked suspension units which you should select based on the type of trailer you have. Our suspension units are available with or without hubs in capacities from 250kg to 1800kg. For more information about which product is best for you, please contact a member of our team for assistance.

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What are Trailer Suspension Units?

When it comes to towing trailers of various types, such as boat trailers, caravans, camper trailers, horse boxes, or light commercial trailers, many people perceive trailer suspension units as a mere collection of mechanical hardware that separates the trailer wheels from the trailer body. However, the suspension system is far more significant than that. At Trailertek, the UK’s number one online trailer parts store, we offer a wide range of trailer suspensions units from some of the leading brands including Peak suspension units and Knott-Avonride suspension units.

In simple terms, a trailer suspension unit serves the purpose of connecting the wheels of the trailer (and, in the case of a braked suspension unit, the brakes as well) to the trailer body. When driving on the road, the suspension is designed to absorb the impact of uneven surfaces, minimizing the effects of physical shocks. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in reducing noise and maintaining safe towing conditions by ensuring proper handling of the trailer behind the vehicle.

What are the different types of trailer suspension units?

purpose of use of your trailer and the weight it will bear. At Trailertek, we offer a range of options, including unbraked suspension units and braked suspension units, designed to accommodate various weight capacities. In the United Kingdom, it is legally required to have brakes on trailers with a laden weight exceeding 750kg.
Trailertek sells two types of unbraked trailer suspension units for trailers with a load capacity of less than 750kg. These are suspension units without hubs (which you will need if only your trailer suspension unit is broken) and suspension units with fitted cast hubs (for those who need wheel hubs too). These trailer suspension units are suitable for trailers with lighter loads. A couple of examples of our best-selling high-quality unbraked suspension units, with and without hubs are the 750kg Peak unbraked suspension unit with standard stub axle and the 350kg Avonride unbraked suspension unit with cast hubs and extended stubs. 
If you are towing trailers with weights exceeding 750kg, a braked suspension unit is legal requirement in the UK to ensure optimal safety and control. TrailerTek’s braked trailer suspension units include leading brands such as Avonride and Peak. Find the right one for your trailer and browse our range of weight capacities ranging from 750kg to 1800kg.

What is the difference between a Trailer Axle and a Trailer Suspension Unit?

You may be thinking, I am looking for a trailer suspension unit do I also need to buy a trailer axle? It is a very good question, and the answer is no. Trailer axles can be purchased and used on your trailer as an alternative to a trailer suspension unit. At Trailertek have one the best online ranges of braked and unbraked trailer torsion axles.

What is a Torsion Axle for a Trailer?

A torsion axle for a trailer is designed with a sturdy tubing that houses thick rubber elements concealed inside. When towing a trailer equipped with a torsion axle, each wheel experiences vertical movement, causing the rubber inside the axle to compress. This compression provides a consistent and even wheel suspension, resulting in a smoother ride. The torsion axle allows each wheel to act independently, effectively absorbing shocks and impacts from the road. One notable advantage of the torsion axle is its reduced maintenance requirements due to its fewer moving parts. To obtain a torsion axle, simply provide us with the axle measurements, and we will custom-make it according to your specifications whether you need a braked torsion axle or unbraked torsion axle.

Trailer Suspension Units & Trailer Axles FAQ’s

Does Trailertek sell stub axles for trailers?

We offer stub axles for trailers, which are primarily intended for off-road use as they are legally required for proper suspension. Stub axles can be purchased as individual units or as part of kits that include hubs and bearings. These axles are specifically designed to withstand the rigors of off-road conditions, providing reliable suspension and durability.

Does Trailertek sell trailer parts needed for Trailer Suspension Units?

Yes, we do! When you buy a trailer suspension unit you will need a suspension mounting plate for to your trailer. At Trailertek our trailer parts range includes both 8-hole suspension mounting plates and 6-hole suspension mounting plates. Before buying one, make sure you check your unit so that your purchase the correct one. To make your life easier we also sell a range of trailer suspension kits with all the components including bearings, hubs and caps.

What is the benefit of buying a new torsion axle or trailer suspension unit?

Why would you buy a new trailer when you can just upgrade your torsion axle or trailer suspension? Save yourself some money and increase the life of your trailer as well as improve its performance by upgrading your trailer axle or trailer suspension unit.  At Trailertek we offer the very best quality trailer parts, and our trailer suspension units and torsion axles will help your trailer handle uneven terrain and withstand bumpy corrugated roads.