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Ifor Williams

IFor Williams is one of the largest trailer manufacturers there are, they have been supplying high-quality trailers and trailer spares for years. Trailertek is the UK’s number 1 online shop for trailer parts and we stock a huge selection of their finest trailer parts for use on your trailer. Replacing with genuine Ifor Williams ensures your trailer will always remain reliable and will be there when you need it most. Ifor Williams spare parts are built to the highest possible grade, cutting no corners when it comes to material and build-quality. Using Ifor Williams trailer parts on your trailer will put your mind at ease and help you embrace the towing experience.  

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What is the IFor Williams Story?

In 1958 Ifor Williams Trailers was established and has become one of the market leading brands for trailers in the UK. The company is the UK’s largest manufacturers of trailers with a gross weight of up to 3500kg. Ifor Williams has a wide range of trailers including livestock trailers, horse trailers, general duty trailers, tipper trailers, plant trailers, flatbed trailers, car transporter trailers, boxed trailers and horsebox trailers. The Ifor Williams trailers satisfy the towing need of many people including farmers, showjumpers, builders, plumbers and many more.  
The majority of Ifor Williams trailer parts are produced specifically for their own trailers, including trailer axles, trailer chassis, and most trailer body parts. Purchased materials and trailer parts are sourced from approved manufacturers who can satisfy the high benchmark of consistent high quality that Ifor Williams wants. The company has rigorous quality checks on both its self-manufactured trailer parts and trailer components as well as those it buys in. This highlights to need for an Ifor Williams trailer owner to make sure they are purchasing genuine Ifor Williams trailer parts. At Trailertek browse our range of genuine Ifor Williams trailer parts and make sure you get what you need to keep your trailer in good working condition so you when towing your mind can be at ease. 

What IFor Williams products does Trailertek offer?

At Trailertek, the UK’s number 1 trailer parts online shop, our range of genuine Ifor Williams trailer parts include sealed bearings, trailer brake drums, leaf springs for trailer suspensions and Ifor Williams trailer service kits. For our range we have the key trailer spares that you need to keep your Ifor Williams trailer running safely and efficiently. 
When ordering certain Ifor Williams trailer spare parts you may need to supply us with the serial number for your trailer. This is because it identifies the batch reference and age of the trailer. There may have been some product specification changes over time and this will help us identify exactly which trailer parts you need.  If you have the part number, you need for your trailer it helps us serve you better. 
To find the serial number on your trailer you need to look no further than the type of plate. Depending on your trailer these can be in different locations so if in any doubt please do get in touch with us. All Ifor Williams trailers serial numbers start with a prefix SCK. In total the number is usually 17 digits, however all you need is the last 6 or 7 depending on the model and age of the trailer.  If you give us this number, we can identify the right genuine Ifor Williams part for you. 

Why should I buy an IFor Williams trailer kit from Trailertek?

To keep your Ifor Williams trailer in tip top working order to tow it safely on the roads we recommend purchasing the right genuine Ifor Williams trailer part. At Trailertek we know that the less time and money you spend on trailer maintenance, the better it is so to make life easier we have carefully selected and put together Ifor Williams trailer service kits. 
We offer trailers kits for a wide range of Ifor Williams trailers including flatbed trailers, livestock trailers, van box trailers, car transporter trailers and many more. Depending on which trailer you need to service the trailer parts will differ and our trailer service kits are tailored to this. Generally speaking, the kits include key items such as front brake cables, rear brake cables, brake shoes and hub nuts giving you the option of doing a DIY service to your trailer. Rather than looking around for all the different trailer components all you need to do is purchase one of the Trailertek service kits. It is as easy as that! 

IFor Williams FAQ’s

If I need an Ifor Williams sealed bearing how do I chose the right one?

First of all, you need to know the measurements. These are the inner diameter, outer diameter, and depth. Once you have these you can find the correct bearing for your trailer. Check out our sealed bearing page and on the left handside there is a finder which will help you find the correct bearing for your trailer. However, generally speaking the P00002 76mm sealed bearing fits all Ifor Williams braked trailers from January 1996 onwards. If in any doubt, please get in touch with one of the friendly Trailertek team members before your purchase who will be able to assist you.

Does Trailertek sell Ifor Williams trailers?

At Trailertek, the number 1 place to buy trailer parts in the UK, we don’t sell Ifor Williams trailers. We sell genuine Ifor William trailer spare parts. If you are looking for an Ifor Williams trailer do get in touch and we can point you in the right direction.

Is there a warranty for Ifor Williams trailer spares?

IFor Williams offers a warranty on their trailer parts but they needed to be fitted by an NTTA approved service center. For more information around this please get in touch with one of our team who will be happy to help.