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Leaf Springs

Explore our premium selection of leaf springs, designed for enhanced vehicle suspension and stability. Crafted for durability and performance, our leaf springs offer optimal support for various vehicle types and loads. Whether you're hauling heavy cargo or navigating rugged terrain, our leaf springs provide reliable support and ensure a smooth ride. Improve your driving experience with Leaf  top brands such as Ifor Williams. Order your trailer leaf springs today and get FREE UK delivery on all orders over £175. Orders made before 2pm will be dispatched the same day!

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What are Leaf Springs and how are they set up?

Leaf springs for trailers are integral components of the suspension system, offering vital support and stability during towing operations. Consisting of multiple thin, curved metal strips stacked together, leaf springs effectively absorb shocks and distribute the trailer's weight across the axles. Leaf spring hangers, securely welded or bolted to the trailer frame, serve as anchor points for the leaf springs, ensuring proper alignment and support. Shackles play a pivotal role in connecting the ends of the leaf springs to the trailer frame, allowing for controlled movement and articulation as the suspension flexes. Additionally, U-bolts and plates are essential for securing the leaf springs to the axles, providing reinforcement and evenly distributing pressure for enhanced stability. Together, these components form a robust leaf spring setup that delivers reliable suspension support, contributing to a smoother and safer towing experience for trailers of various sizes and loads.

What Types of Leaf Spring Are There?

  • Single-leaf Spring: Also known as mono-leaf or single-leaf springs, these consist of a single, thick leaf made of spring steel. They are relatively simple in design and are commonly used in lighter-duty applications such as small trailers or light trucks.
  • Multi-leaf Spring: Multi-leaf springs are composed of multiple thin leaves stacked on top of each other and secured at the center bolt. The number of leaves can vary depending on the required load capacity and desired ride quality. They provide greater flexibility and load-bearing capacity compared to single-leaf springs and are commonly used in medium to heavy-duty trailers and trucks.

Leaf Spring FAQ’s

How do I know if my leaf springs need replacement?

Signs of worn or damaged leaf springs include sagging, uneven ride height, excessive bouncing, or bottoming out. If you notice any of these symptoms or visible cracks or corrosion on the springs, it's advisable to have them inspected by a qualified mechanic for potential replacement.

How often should leaf springs be inspected and maintained?

Leaf springs should be inspected regularly, especially before long trips or when carrying heavy loads. Maintenance tasks may include checking for signs of wear, ensuring proper lubrication of spring components, and tightening bolts and shackles. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations and consult with a mechanic for specific maintenance intervals.

Can I upgrade my vehicle's leaf springs for towing heavier loads?

Yes, upgrading to heavy-duty or reinforced leaf springs can increase your vehicle's load-carrying capacity and stability when towing heavier trailers or loads. Consult with a professional to determine the appropriate leaf spring upgrade for your vehicle and towing needs.