Jockey Wheels

We offer one of the largest ranges of jockey wheels available in the UK. Our jockey wheels include popular brands for caravans and trailers such as AL-KO, Bradley, Knott, and Brenderup. Our jockey wheels can be used on both caravans and trailers. When choosing your jockey wheel, it's important to make sure that you choose the correct brand and the correct type of jockey wheel. Medium load jockey wheels are suitable for use with trailers with two axles and a maximum load of 2700kg. Heavy duty jockey wheels are for use with heavy commercial trailers and vehicles.

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When Should I Change My Jockey Wheel?

It is important to make sure your trailer jockey wheel is in good condition- this means it should be rust-free and function correctly. When a jockey wheel rusts its ability to withstand the weight of your trailer is compromised which means it may collapse. This not only poses a significant risk to people and property surrounding your trailer, but it can also mean your trailer coupling may be damaged.

Jockey wheels must also be free to function correctly, including their ability to raise and lower fully – a jockey wheel which cannot be raised to its highest position may hit the ground if you are towing over bumpy terrain. Jockey wheels may become difficult to raise and lower if they are bent or the jockey wheel clamp becomes seized. Applying penetrating oil to a seized jockey wheel clamp can help to free it, however if your clamp is beyond repair we have a selection of jockey wheel clamps at TrailerTek.