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Jockey Wheels

We offer one of the largest ranges of jockey wheels available in the UK. Our jockey wheels include popular brands for caravans and trailers such as AL-KO, Bradley, Knott, and Brenderup. Our jockey wheels can be used on both caravans and trailers. When choosing your jockey wheel, it's important to make sure that you choose the correct brand and the correct type of jockey wheel. Medium load jockey wheels are suitable for use with trailers with two axles and a maximum load of 2700kg. Heavy duty jockey wheels are for use with heavy commercial trailers and vehicles.
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Why are Jockey Wheels important and what are they?

Jockey wheels play a crucial role in the functioning of your trailer or caravan. When your caravan or trailer is unhitched, the jockey wheels ensure that the caravan or trailer remains steady and level. As such trailer jockey wheels provide essential support whilst you are loading your trailer. By maintaining the stability and levelness of your caravan or trailer jockey wheels help you when you are attaching or detaching your trailer hitch or coupling from your tow bar. At Trailertek, the UK’s number 1 online store for trailer parts, we offer a trailer jockey wheels and caravan jockey wheels from some of the world’s most renowned brands including AL-KO jockey wheels, Bradley jockey wheels, Knott jockey wheels, and Maypole jockey wheels.

When do I need to use a smooth Jockey Wheel and what is it?

A smooth jockey wheel is what you need if you are towing a light commercial trailer. For this type of jockey wheel, a downside is if the jockey wheel clamp (you will need to buy these separately) isn’t tightly secured, then the shaft can slip through the clamp. If this happens, while you are towing your trailer the trailer jockey wheel can hit the road or if you are not towing the trailer can collapse. If either of these situations where to happen, it can lead to severe damage resulting in needing to replace the jockey wheel tyre or the whole assembly unit. You can prevent this from happening by ensuring you tighten the jockey wheel clamp and when purchasing your trailer jockey wheel make sure you buy the right clamp.

A key tip for you! For heavier commercial trailers with a load of up to 2700kg, some caravans and some unbraked boat trailers, smooth jockey wheels with diameters of 42mm to 48mm can be a suitable option. Although, if the trailer has two axles, they may not be appropriate. Also, for a trailer with two axles, we don’t recommend trying to manoeuvre it with the trailer jockey wheel when fully loaded as it can have a very heavy nose weight.

When do I need to use a serrated or ribbed Jockey Wheel and what is it?

Serrated jockey wheels, also known as ribbed jockey wheels, are great for heavy duty-commercial trailers. Most of these trailer jockey wheels are appropriate for trailers that are 3500kg in weight. These jockey wheels are exactly what it says on the package, they have serrations or ribs that lock into a clamp to stop the jockey wheels from sliding down when towing or loading your trailer. Most of the heavy-duty commercial trailers will require a ribbed jockey wheel that has a diameter of 48mm or 60mm.

When Should I Change My Jockey Wheel?

It is important to make sure your trailer jockey wheel is in good condition - this means it should be rust-free and function correctly. When a jockey wheel rusts its ability to withstand the weight of your trailer is compromised which means it may collapse. This not only poses a significant risk to people and property surrounding your trailer, but it can also mean your trailer coupling may be damaged. Jockey wheels must also be free to function correctly, including their ability to raise and lower fully – a jockey wheel which cannot be raised to its highest position may hit the ground if you are towing over bumpy terrain. Jockey wheels may become difficult to raise and lower if they are bent or the jockey wheel clamp becomes seized. Applying penetrating oil to a seized jockey wheel clamp can help to free it, however if your clamp is beyond repair we have a selection of jockey wheel clamps at TrailerTek.

Jockey Wheels FAQ’s

What the key things to know before buying a jockey wheel?

When you are buying a jockey wheel one of the first things you need to decide is whether you want a smooth jockey wheel or a serrated jockey wheel. This is usually determined by the weight of the load you are carrying. For light trailers a smooth trailer jockey wheel is appropriate, whereas for heavy commercial trailers a serrated jockey wheel is most likely the best choice. Before buying a jockey wheel you will also need to know what the right diameter is for your trailer. If you have any doubt, get in touch with one of our friendly members of staff who will be able to assist you.

Can I buy a jockey wheel clamp from TrailerTek?

Yes, you can buy jockey wheel clamps from TrailerTek. We offer everything from pressed steel clamps to cast iron clamps as well as clamp handles.

What jockey wheel spares does TrailerTek offer?

TrailerTek offers a wide range of jockey wheel spares which you can buy. This includes wheels for jockey wheels, pressure pads, spare jockey wheel handles and spindles.