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Milenco Grand Aero Platinum Extension Mirrors

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Product features

  • Built with the highest quality automotive chrome glass
  • Aerodynamic air balanced head to minimise vibration and enhance stability
  • Sprung-loaded gripper plate that forms to the shape of the vehicle mirror
  • 50% larger mirror pads compared to standard Aero 3 pads
  • Larger clamp body with increased depth for more versatile and secure fitment.
  • Stainless steel and brass in critical areas to prevent corrosion
  • New enhanced rubberised surfaces on both clamp and pad
  • Fits all vehicles including Range / Land Rovers, all BMW X series models
  • 2021 Land Rover Defenders with the original Defender fits on the bottom of the vehicle mirror. Please see the images below
  • Comes with a carrying case.
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The Aero Platinum Mirror is an innovative new design, specifically developed to securely fit the extremely tapered mirror bezels, now found on increasing numbers of manufacturers' vehicles to improve fuel efficiency by reducing aerodynamic drag.

One of the key developments of the Aero Platinum Mirror is the inclusion of new flexible, rubber-faced stainless steel, spring-loaded gripper plates. These are over 50% larger than the standard Aero 3 mirror pads. This design enables the gripper to ‘form’ to the shape of the vehicle mirror bezel. This significantly increases the surface contact area, providing improved grip and stability to the towing mirror. The Platinum clamp has also been enlarged, now accepting vehicle mirror bezels up to 25mm in thickness. Also now fitted with a larger diameter arm, this offers even further stability to the mirror and has adequate reach to be used on caravans up to 2.55 meters wide.

The Platinum Mirrors are engineered from the very best quality materials to ensure robust durability. Stainless steel and brass is used in key areas to ensure reliability and also to prevent corrosion from road salt. The mirror glass is the highest quality chrome glass available to ensure a very long life. The Aero Platinum Mirrors have been engineered, designed, manufactured and tested to the most demanding of standards, ensuring that they offer superior performance, and are a perfect fit for 100% of vehicles to date.

Milenco Aero and Grand Aero Mirror Fitting

More Information

How to fit the Milenco Grand Aero Platinum Mirror?

Click here for fitting instructions

This product has also been fully homologated and type approved to the latest version of the international vehicle standard UN 46-4.

Should I have a Flat or Standard Mirror?

In the UK there is a historical preference for buying Flat Mirrors as against Standard. We believe this date’s back to when other manufacturers' convex mirrors severely distorted the view, making distance judgement difficult.

Milenco Standard mirrors have typically the same radius as 95% of car door mirrors, they will give you the same field of view as you are used to when driving or reversing, flat mirrors will give a smaller field of view, than your car mirrors.

Whichever Milenco Mirror you choose you will be getting the best quality and the best field of view possible, but if you ask us our opinion which is better, we would say Standard. Milenco mirrors have won every test of Mirrors globally since the mid-’90s, every Milenco mirror that has won these tests has been Standard.

Should I have Standard or Extra Wide?

Typically, our Extra Wide Mirrors are made for 2.5m (8 feet) Caravans, however, if you have a narrow car, you may indeed need Extra Wide Mirrors with a 2.3m caravan. We do see a lot of cars towing with mirrors, that are set too close to the vehicle body when in fact to be compliant with the law, the mirror head should be set out far enough to see fully down the side of the caravan. As a simple test, if you look down the side of your caravan from the rear looking forward, you should be able to see the entire mirror head projecting outside either side of the caravan

Milenco Towing Mirrors Brochure download.