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Identifying Trailer Brakes

There are two main UK manufacturers of trailer brakes; AL-KO and Knott with a few other smaller manufacturers; Bradley, Ifor Williams and BPW. But your trailer most likely has either AL-KO or Knott brakes. They both require different settings and parts, so it's important you can identify between the two when you go to order replacements. There are two ways you can differentiate them...

  • From the backplate assembly, the adjuster bolt is a hexagon shape on Knott brakes whereas on AL-KO assemblies, the adjuster has a cap that you remove to enable brake adjustment.
  • The cable cover plate has a distinctive V shape design on Knott brakes compared to a smooth design on AL-KO brakes.

If you're able to look at the front of the brake (inside) you should also see stamps of the respective manufacturer. However, this will only be on genuine AL-KO or Knott parts, copies will not have this stamp.

Check our stock of trailer brakes here and if you need any more help with identifying your brakes then contact our helpful team.