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Braked Suspension Units

Discover our premium selection of braked suspension units, engineered for superior performance and durability. Featuring top-tier braking systems integrated seamlessly into the suspension assembly, our units offer enhanced stopping power and control. Whether you're towing heavy loads or navigating challenging terrain, our braked suspension units ensure unmatched strength and stability. Explore our comprehensive range, featuring top brands like Knott Avonride and Peak, designed to meet the demands of various trailer types and towing applications. Order your braked suspension unit today and get FREE UK delivery on all orders over £175. Orders made before 2pm will be dispatched the same day!

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What is a Braked Suspension Unit?

A braked suspension unit for trailers is a critical component of the trailer's suspension system that integrates braking capabilities. The braking system is integrated into the suspension assembly, allowing for coordinated braking between the towing vehicle and the trailer. Each independent suspension unit has a rubber torsion arm that provides suspension and dampening while the connected brake drum ensures superior braking capability. This sustains enhanced stopping power and control, especially when towing heavier loads or travelling on steep terrain. Braked suspension units are essential for maintaining safety and stability during towing operations, providing reliable braking assistance to the trailer when needed.

When do i need to use a braked suspension on my trailer?

A braked suspension system on a trailer is typically used when the trailer exceeds a certain weight threshold. The inclusion of brakes in the suspension is crucial for ensuring safe and controlled towing, especially in situations where the trailer's weight can impact the vehicle's ability to decelerate effectively. Regulations and guidelines vary by region, but as a general rule, trailers with a gross weight exceeding a specified limit, often around 750 kg or 1,500 lbs, may require a braked suspension system. This system helps in distributing braking forces more evenly between the towing vehicle and the trailer, enhancing overall safety and stability during deceleration or sudden stops. Always consult local regulations and guidelines to determine the specific weight threshold and braking requirements for trailers in your area.

Braked Suspension Units FAQ’s

How do braked suspension units differ from unbraked ones?

Braked suspension units integrate braking systems to provide additional stopping power and control, essential for towing heavier loads. Unbraked units lack braking components and are suitable for lighter trailers or applications where braking assistance is unnecessary.

Can I upgrade my trailer to include braked suspension units?

Yes, it's possible to upgrade a trailer with braked suspension units for improved braking performance and safety. However, ensure compatibility with your trailer's specifications and consult with a professional for installation.

What are the benefits of using braked suspension units?

Braked suspension units offer improved stopping power, enhanced control, and increased safety during towing. They ensure smoother braking, reduced wear on towing vehicle brakes, and better overall towing performance, especially for heavy loads or steep terrains.