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Lashing Ring Galvanized Steel Set

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Product Features:

  • Size: ø152mm
  • Recess: ø140mm x D18mm
  • Universally jointed to withstand loads enforced in any direction
  • Permissible Tensile Load: 2000kg (2.0T)
  • High tensile bolts are required in all applications
  • Galvanized steel
  • The complete set includes 1 x Swivel ring, 1 x Pan, 2 x Seal plates, and 1 x Rubber seal.
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Bolt-On Lashing Ring Galvanized Steel Set

Easy-to-fit bolt-on lashing ring made out of high-quality galvanized steel. This set includes everything you will need to fit the lashing to your trailer or caravan. The set has a total weight of 0.83kg.

Fitting Instructions:

  • Weld pivotal ring sub-assembly to trailer cross member. Weld must be totally around the retainer dish
  • Router hole in timber floor to suit pan
  • Fit rubber seal over the ring, then place the pan over the ring and fit rubber seal into the hole in pan
  • Screw pan to timber floor
  • Place seal plates around the ring, covering rubber seal and tack weld at 4 equal positions around the outside diameter of seal plate