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Trailer Lighting Regulations


Bringing your trailer out of retirement? Building your own trailer? You're going to need to know the trailer lighting regulations as it's a legal requirement for trailers to have the correct lights, markers and reflectors.

Here's our guide based on The Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989...

Trailers built before September 30th 1990

All trailers must have two red side lights, two red stop lights, two red triangular reflectors, an illuminated number plate along with amber indicators designed to flash between 60-120 times per minute

Trailers built after September 30th 1990

Must also be fitted with front white reflectors.

Trailers more than 1.3m wide

Must also have atleast one red fog lamp.

Trailers more than 1.6m wide

Must also have front position white markers/lights.

Trailers longer than 6m (excluding drawbar)

Must also have red/white side markers. So side marker lights are only required by law if the trailer is above 6m in length.

Trailers built after October 2012 with brakes

Must also be fitted with a reversing light.

How to arrange lights and reflectors?

There are legal requirements in how you fit these lights and markers on your trailer. These are:

  • Indicators should be a between 350mm and 1500mm from the ground.
  • Indicators should be a maximum of 400mm from the side of the trailer.
  • Indicators should be a minimum of 400mm apart.
  • Triangular reflectors should be positioned, between 250mm and 900mm from the ground, with a minimum separation of 600mm and no more than 400mm from the sides.
  • Two fog lamps must be separated and positioned at opposite sides of the rear of the trailer.
  • Fog lamps should be placed within 250mm and 1000mm from the ground.
  • Fog lamps should be a minimum of 400mm apart.
  • There should be at least of 100mm of separation between the fog lights and the tail lights/indicators.


For more information on regulations click here.

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