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SAS Black Dummy ABS Tow ball

Part No

Product Features:

○ Plastic dummy tow ball
○ Closes access to the ball area
○ Weight: 0.2kg

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SAS Black Dummy ABS Tow ball

This SAS Dummy Tow ball fits into the hitch aperture on hitch locks where the tow ball cannot be covered. The tow ball prevents the hitch from being applied to another vehicle’s towball or adapted when the hitch is locked down with an integral lock such as the Bradley Autohead hitch. It does this by fitting into the ball hitch when the towing hitch handle is up and locks it in place when the handle is down. In this position the handle is locked.

The dummy tow ball is a required accessory for the SAS Fortress 2 Gold Hitch Lock when unhitched, and is an optional extra security measure for the SAS Compact Condor and SAS Compact Eagle hitch locks where the ball hitch is not enclosed.