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Trailertek Trailer Lights

Experience the freedom of a wire-free setup, combined with powerful illumination that will leave others in awe. Stand out on the road with our premium LED Wireless trailer lights, showcase your style and light up your journey like never before! Don’t miss out and purchase your Trailertek wireless trailer lights now. 
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What are wireless LED trailer lights?

LED trailer lights which are wireless are a convenient and efficient solution for enhancing visibility and safety while towing your trailer. These high quality multi-functional LED trailer lights eliminate the need for cumbersome wiring connections on many rear trailer lights and allow for quick installation and removal. 
Wireless trailer lights are self-contained lighting units that use LED technology for illumination. They are powered by batteries and communicate wirelessly with a remote control or a built-in controller. Innovative and versatile they are great for use as stop lights, tail fog lights, reverse lights, reflectors and much more. Designed for use with trailers, horse boxes, caravans, agricultural machinery to name a few, ensure safety comes by lighting your trailer with good quality wireless LED trailer lights

How do wireless trailer lights with LED work?

Wireless trailer lights consist of two main components: the light units and the controller. The light units house multiple LED bulbs for different functions such as rear position, dynamic direction indicator, brake, license plate light, fog light and reversing light. The trailer lights are powered by rechargeable batteries. The controller, which is either built into the trailer light units, communicates with the lights wirelessly using a transmitter. 
Each of the Trailertek wireless LED trailer lights comes with a strong magnet at the back of the lighting unit to attach to the best position when towing your trailer, caravan or equipment. The great thing about having the magnetic is you can swap it between trailers or machinery depending on what you need to do!

Why should I buy Trailertek wireless LED lights?

TrailerTek LED Magnetic Wireless Trailer Light Set functionality is great for rear position lighting, direction indication, brake lights and as a number plate light. If you want trailer lights to be a reversing light, fog light and reflector the TrailerTek LED CAN 7-Function Magnetic Wireless Trailer Light Set is for you as it has these additional features. There are many benefits that come with the trailer light kit. Firstly, they are very easy to install as there is not wiring required as is required with the more traditional trailer rear lights. The strong magnets on the back of the magnetic trailer lights make them a very flexible piece of kit, you can easily attached and detach them swapping between trailers or machinery in a matter of seconds, another benefit of the magnets which hold the magnetic trailer lights tightly and securely to your equipment, they can be used on any trailer, caravan,  or agricultural machinery which gives the unit great versatility. Made from a super durable materials and long-lasting outer case, the wireless trailer lights are shock resistant with a IP65 water protection rating meaning they will last a long time. They can be charged in 3 hours, with its very easy to use USB charging plug, to give 10 hours of bright LED lighting which is fantastic especially during adverse weather conditions.


How do I install my TrailerTek LED trailer lights?

TrailerTek magnetic wireless LED trailer lights are very easy to install. Once you have found the optimal place on your trailer to place the lights, keeping in mind visibility, ass you need to do is stick the magnets to the trailer or equipment you are using them on. The magnets will hold the trailer lights securely and tightly to the trailer, caravan, or machinery. A very easy to use trailer lighting solution!

What type of battery does TrailerTek LED trailer lights use?

TrailerTek magnetic wireless LED trailer lights have a rechargeable battery Type 3.7V@2200MA and it comes with a USB charging cable. 

How do I maintain my TrailerTek LED trailer lights?

Make sure you regularly inspect your TrailerTek trailer lights in case of any wear and tear whilst making sure you are keeping them clean from dirt, debris or road grime. When storing, as with any electrical equipment, keep in a safe and dry place to prevent any damage.

What is the wireless range for TrailerTek trailer lights?

The range of the TrailerTek magnetic wireless LED trailer lights is 20m.