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185/60 R12C, 5 on 6.5" PCD wheel assembly

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185/60 R12C wheel & assembly, 5 studs on 6.5" PCD, 6J, with 5mm. offset (ET5). Heavy duty tyre with 104/101N load rating.
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185/60 R12C wheel assembly. 6.0J rim, 5/6.5 PCD"
More Information
Rim Diameter12"
PCD (Stud Circle Diameter)6.5"
J (Rim Width)6J
ET (Centre Offset)5mm
Centre boss diameter114mm
Stud Hole Diameter18mm
No. of studs5
Tyre Width185mm
No. of Ply8 ply
Load Index104/101
Speed RatingN (140 KPH max.)
Max load Single Axle (twin)900 kgs. (850 kgs.)
Max PSI95