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Technical Torque Settings

Correctly tightening the nuts and bolts on your trailer is essential for both trailer performance and safety. Under tightening can cause nuts and bolts to become loose, while overtightening can cause damage to threads (...and also become a real pain to undo next time!).

Our technical torque guide is here to help you!

Below we have provided some useful torque settings for common trailer nuts and bolts so you know they will always be secure.


Thread Type Torque Value

  • M10 X 1.25 Bolt 55Nm
  • M12 X 1.5 Bolt 90Nm
  • M14 X 1.75 Bolt 110Nm
  • 3/8 UNF Nut 60Nm
  • 7/16 UNT Nut 70Nm
  • M12 X 1.5 Nut 100Nm
  • 1/2 UNF Nut 90Nm
  • 5/8 UNF Nut 110Nm
  • M16 X 1.5 Nut 195Nm


Bolt Torque Value

  • M10 Grade 8.8 45Nm
  • M12 Grade 8.8 70Nm
  • M12 Grade 10.9 125Nm
  • M14 Grade 10.9 170 Nm
  • M16 Grade 8.8 195Nm


Bolt Thread Type

  • M12 Grade 10.9 100Nm
  • M14 Grade 10.9 125Nm

Looking For Nuts & Bolts?

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Manufacturer One Piece Bearing

  • Knott avonride 280Nm
  • AL-KO 280Nm

Taper Roller Bearing

  • 70Nm ( Rotate Hub ) Then back off. Retighten finger tight then fit split pin.