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What roofbox shall I buy?

THULE roof box

Every family road trip ultimately comes down to how much stuff you can fit in your car without sacrificing leg room and comfort. To take the stress of deciding what to sacrifice to fit everyone in, a THULE roof box may be your best investment. THULE has long been the market leader in rooftop storage. And with their safety record, wide range of roof box sizes and long warranty, it isn’t hard to see why.

Choosing the right roof box

This guide to Thule’s car roof boxes will give you the information you need to decide which roof box is perfect for you. There are four main types of THULE roof boxes; Ocean, Vector, Motion XT and Force XT.

These range in price, style and storage space.

Let's break them down:

The Budget One

THULE Ocean box

The THULE Ocean roof boxes take 'quality' and 'budget' and combine them into a great product. A gloss black finished roof box take can take up to 50kg with a central locking system and unrestricted opening. At TrailerTek, we supply the Ocean 80 and Ocean 600 boxes. The 80 has a 320 litre capacity and perfect if you own a small car, it has a unique opening style - rear opening, hinging at the front allowing for easy loading. The 600 has a slightly larger capacity of 330 litres but is designed to be narrower and longer so that you can attach another object to your roof rack (bike or board). Learn more

The All-rounder One

THULE Force XT box


If you're embarking on your next big adventure, the THULE Force XT has your back. These ultra durable roof boxes will take all the hassle out of your travels, taking seconds to mount and "DualSide" opening for easy access from both sides as well as central locking on each side with Thule's "SlideLock" locking system. Our range comes in two sizes, the THULE Force XT S, with 300 litres of storage which is perfect for small cars and hatchbacks and the THULE Force XT L, with it's huge 450 litre storage will allow for the wildest of adventures. Learn more 

The Spacious One

THULE Motion XT box

Now, if you're on a mission to take everything but the "kitchen sink" then the THULE Motion XT range is your box. It creates a completely new style and concept whilst raising the level for roof top storage. Fitting the Motion XT to a pair of roof bars is super simple with the "PowerClick" mounting system which enables attachment to the roof bars in seconds. At Trailertek, we stock a variety of sizes and colour (Glossy silver or black). From our THULE Motion XT Sport (perfect for aerodynamic considerations) to our THULE Motion XT XXL, (a whopping 610 litre capacity), style and storage are top priority. Learn more 

The Fancy One

THULE Vector box

A roof box like no other that perfectly pairs performance styling with premium features. The THULE Vector L sports an elegant, sporty design with seamless integration of the lid and the base that adds a distinctive look to any car. With a 430-litre loading capacity, there is more than enough space for all your luggage requirements. A particular advantage of the Vector is that it can be mounted further forward on your roof, meaning you're unlikely to make contact with an opened tailgate.  Thule Vector roof boxes include premium features such as integrated internal lighting and a felt-lined base for increased protection of the contents. Learn more

Our Guarantee

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