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Discover The Full Range of Thule

When It comes to vehicle accessories there are a few manufacturers with a better reputation than Thule. With nearly 80 years of experience in the automotive accessory industry, Thule has gained an unprecedented reputation for high-quality, long-lasting, and versatile vehicle accessory items. The range of Thule accessories that are available on the market is vast, ranging from simple roof bars to sophisticated multi-bike cycle racks and ultra-large roof boxes. So join us today as we discover the full range of Thule accessories we stock here at TrailerTek.


Thule Roof Bars

When we hear the word Thule the first thing that springs to mind is roof racks. Roof racks have been made by Thule for decades and they are one of the most popular items they produce. Thule roof racks expand the carrying capacity of your vehicle and allow you to carry cargo that wouldn't usually fit within the interior of your car. With a variety of roof bar styles and an endless amount of fitting kits, Thule has developed a system for almost any vehicle. we have made choosing the right roof rack for you and your vehicle easy with our Thule roof rack finder - just input your vehicle make and model and our finder will do the rest!

So what are the advantages of a Thule roof rack? Thule has gained a reputation for producing some of the highest quality and longest-lasting vehicle accessories on the market today, and it was the Thule roof rack that helped gain this reputation. When it comes to roof racks the main priorities are safety and security, closely followed by fuel efficiency and style.


Thule has worked throughout the years to create products that excel in all of these areas. Roof racks from Thule are extremely strong and can be fitted with Thule’s own lockable security systems to protect from theft. Thule foot packs can be installed quickly and securely to your vehicle to ensure they stay in place no matter what you throw at them. Thule has also developed a Wingbar option in their roof rack range, this option is designed aerodynamically so that it can slip through the air and improve fuel economy.


Thule Roof Boxes


Have you ever been short on space in your vehicle? Well, Thule has developed the solution for you. Thule roof boxes are designed to expand the usable space that your vehicle has by adding an additional storage unit on top of your car or van. Thule has developed a variety of styles and sizes for their roof box range, so whether you need a roof basket for bulky cargo, or a roof box with a super-secure SlideLock System Thule has what you are looking for.

Roof boxes are a fuel-efficient and safe way of transporting items. They can be installed easily on top of any Thule roof bar system and most of them are fitted with specially designed locking mechanisms to keep their contents safe from thieves. Thule roof boxes are designed to be streamlined to reduce their air resistance and improve the fuel economy of your vehicle.

Roof box

We stock a variety of Thule roof box options which start at the budget-friendly THULE Ocean Roof Box - a box with enough capacity for the luggage of four or five people and also has the option to allow you to carry multiple bikes on the roof as well. Our higher-end Thule roof boxes include the THULE Vector Roof Box, this box is designed to be sleek and stylish with unmatched build quality.


Thule Bike Racks

Transport your bikes safely and with ease with one of Thule’s dedicated bike racks. Transporting your bikes with a bike rack is the quickest and safest way to get to some of the most stunning cycle routes or wildest trails. Thule bike racks are designed to take multiple bikes (up to four) anywhere your car or van can get to!

Thule have developed bike racks for all types of vehicle with a range of mounting styles. What do you want to mount your bike on your roof, hitch, towbar, or on your boot, Thule has a bike rack to suit your needs. Thule roof-mounted bike racks required a roof rack to be mounted to your vehicle - so if you already have a Thule roof bar system fitted to your vehicle this could be the easiest option for you. However, If you are wanting to carry larger or heavier cycles (such as E-bikes) a boot-mounted carrier might be the best solution for you as it requires less lifting.

Bike rack

Thule Winter Racks

With ski seasons in full swing, there are plenty of Britons heading to snowy parts of the world to hit the Pistes. Save on flying costs and equipment rental by taking your own – and transport it all securely with a Thule winter rack. Thule winter racks are designed specifically to carry winter sports equipment and skiing gear.

Thule has created dedicated ski carriers and Ski Box Adapters which can be used to convert your roof box into a ski carrier. Thule winter racks help to take the worry out of ski equipment transportation, so you can rest safe in the knowledge all of your skiing kit is safe and will make it to the slopes in perfect condition.

Winter Rack

Want to Know More?


If you'd like to hear more about the Thule range that we stock at TrailerTek don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our experienced team are experts in automotive Thule accessories and will be able to advise you on the best products to suit your needs!