Does Towing Affect My Car Insurance?

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Does Towing Affect My Car Insurance?

When it comes to insurance it always pays to read the small print. Often there will be clauses that limit the extent of your policy, and if breached could result in your insurance being void. If you plan on towing a trailer or a caravan behind your vehicle it is vital that you read and fully understand a policy before you take it out. Let’s take a look at some key points regarding towing and insurance cover.

Always Read the Fine print

Just because you have taken out fully comprehensive insurance doesn’t necessarily mean you will be fully covered to tow. Though most policies will still be valid when you are towing something, there are often changes to the amount of cover you will receive if you are involved in a collision.

Some insurance policies will offer third-party cover for trailers and caravans which will cover damage to the third party. But this type of insurance will not cover any of the damage costs to your trailer or its contents if you are found to be at fault. However, if the other driver is found to be at fault, their insurance policy may cover the cost of the damage to your trailer – this depends fully on the third party’s insurance coverage.  

Insurance Cover for Your Trailer

In the event of a collision where you are found to be at fault, the repair bill of your trailer will likely rest on your shoulders. Depending on the type of trailer and the load you are carrying with it, this can end up very costly.

Thankfully it is possible to take out a standalone trailer or caravan insurance which covers your towable in the event of an accident. Unlike car insurance, this cover is not compulsory but can prove invaluable in the event of a collision, so we would always recommend taking it out when towing valuable items. Trailer insurance can be obtained quickly and easily online, we recommend taking a look at Towergate Insurance for the best quotes.


Towing Trailer

Vehicle Modifications

When taking out a car insurance policy it is important to make the insurance provider aware of any modifications to your vehicle. If a towbar has been fitted to your vehicle (and was not originally manufactured with one) it is classed as a vehicle modification and therefore should be mentioned to your car insurance provider.

Failure to disclose vehicle modifications can result in your policy being cancelled or becoming void in the event of a claim. It is possible the addition of a towbar could increase your policy premium due to:

  • Increased risk of theft
  • Accident risks
  • Using the vehicle to tow (increased risk of accident)

To Summarise

It is likely that your car insurance will not be affected by towing, however, it is important to check with your policy provider to find out what is and isn’t covered when you are towing. Most car insurance providers will not fully cover the items you are towing, and if you are involved in an accident where you’re found to be at fault it can become very expensive. If your trailer or caravan is not fully covered, we would always recommend taking out standalone insurance to cover it. For more information on getting your trailer or caravan covered get in touch with us!