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How to choose the right trailer

How to choose the right trailer

Top tips for choosing the best trailer for you

Most people come to us with a rough idea of size and budget, but if you really want to make sure the trailer you're investing in is fit for purpose, there are a few other things you might want to consider.

We don't like you wasting your hard earned cash, so here are our top tips...

What do you need it for?

Don't laugh. This may seem like an obvious question, but depending on the trailer you choose and the accessories available, some trailers can be 'multi-purpose'.

We love the Brenderup trailers for the flexibility they offer. For example, if you're taking your trailer camping, simply add an ABS lid to keep your camping gear secure and dry. Use the same trailer to take garden waste to the tip, and by adding mesh sides, you'll increase your load capacity and save yourself multiple trips.

Basically, what we're saying is, think carefully about what you might want to use your trailer for. We'll talk you through all your options and help you find a trailer that you can really make maximum use of.

What's your towing capacity?

Your vehicle's handbook will tell you what its towing capacity is. Remember that limit includes the weight of the trailer as well as the load.

You can carry up to 750kg with an unbraked trailer. Anything heavier requires the trailer to have overrun breaks.

What's your budget?

Sometimes it's worth splashing out on a really super duper trailer, but if your budget is tight and you don't need the Rolls Royce equivalent, then why not consider one of our reconditioned trailers?

New camping trailers range from £400 to £1600. We might be able to provide a decent reconditioned trailer for a fraction of the cost of buying it new.

What pin plug does your tow bar have?

All new trailers come with a standard 13 pin plug, so if you're getting a tow bar fitted (another service we're happy to provide!), then make sure a 13 pin is included.

If you've got an older tow bar with a 7 pin plug, then let us know, as you'll need a special adaptor if you're buying a new trailer.

There are plenty of other questions we could ask, but these will do to get you started. We're always happy to help, so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone or pop in to see us if you want to talk trailers, parts or accessories!