Our Top 4 Security Devices

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Our Top 4 Security Devices

Keeping your trailer safe can be a worry, especially over the winter when you are not using it so much. Some people may even choose to put their trailer into dedicated trailer storage yards which quite often means you won't see your trailer for months on end - so how can we keep them protected to ensure they are there when we need them? In today's blog, we're going to cover four of our top security devices you can use on your trailer to help deter criminals and stop trailer theft.

The security risk to trailers is high, and the lower the level of protection they have the more inviting they become to criminals. Once stolen, a trailer is easy to sell on and difficult to trace - so lowering the risk of theft in the first place is vital. So, without further ado let's get to TrailerTek’s top four security devices to help protect your trailer.


Hitch Locks

The hitch lock is one of the easiest security devices you can install on your trailer. Taking only a few seconds to lock onto your trailer hitch, and rendering your trailer hitch useless until its removal the hitch lock can stop a trailer thief in their tracks.

The hitch lock fits similarly to the tow ball of your vehicle by using a spherical ball to fill the tow ball slot in your trailer hitch. This is then locked in place, and can only be removed easily with the hitch lock key. For such a simple device a hitch lock can present massive issues for a trailer thief and will usually be enough to send the thief on their way.

Hitch locks come in a variety of shapes and sizes with prices to match, so depending on the level of protection you're looking for from your hitch lock there is usually an option for you. For some of the highest levels of protection, you will be looking at a device like the SAS Fortress B Hitch Lock, a device which can also keep your trailer locked to your vehicle - making it even more difficult to steal.

Hitch Lock

Wheel Clamps

Perhaps you are leaving your trailer for a long time, or maybe you keep it stored away from home and want that extra reassurance it will still be there when you go to use it. If this is the case a wheel clamp might be just what you're looking for. Wheel clamps are a classic immobilising device most of us try and avoid becoming victim to after parking somewhere we shouldn't. But why not start using these fantastic immobilisers to your advantage and secure your trailer with one.

Wheel clamps are one of the bulkier security accessories, but their size can be advantageous in terms of effectiveness. We would recommend wheel clamps to be used when your trailer is left for longer periods, it might not be the most practical thing to use if you adjust leaving your trailer for a few hours - nevertheless, it will still add to its protection. A wheel clamp is designed to immobilise the wheel it is fitted to which can make it's almost impossible to move the trailer without its removal.

As with all accessories, there are a selection of devices coming in a range of prices to suit any budget. You will generally find higher-priced items are created out of more premium materials while also having backing from insurance companies regarding their level of protection. Wheel locks also have the added advantage of being able to cover up your wheel bolts to stop the wheel from being removed. The SAS Large New Defender Wheel Clamp is a fantastic example of a high-quality wheel clamp that will provide a maximum level of protection for your trailer.

Wheel Clamp

Locks & Chains

Now for a classic one, locks and chains - but just because it's traditional technique doesn't mean it's less effective. Locks and chains are a great cost-effective solution for trailer security. Due to use across multiple industries, locks and chains are usually one of the cheapest forms of security you can get, but they also pack a big punch. They can be used to immobilise wheels or lock your trailer to something immoveable.

There is a simple formula when it comes to locks and chains and that is bigger = better. The thicker your chain and the more robust your lock the more difficulty our thief is going to have removing it. More modern, high-quality chains will have a sleeve material surrounding them which not only provides a level of abrasion protection but also improves the cutting resistance of the chain dramatically.

Devices such as the 13mm Heavy Duty Security Square Chain & Padlock give you a beefy 13mm hardened steel chain and Thatcham approved padlock. This type of chain and lock it's great for securing your trailer and gives you a lengthy 2 metres of chain to work with.

Locks & Chain


Security Posts

So you want to use your new chain and padlock to its full potential but don't have anything substantial enough you can lock it too, look no further than a security post. As the name suggests these posts are built for one thing and one thing only - security. They can be installed in any area with concrete (creating new concrete foundations for these posts is also very easy) and provide a fantastic tethering point for your trailer. Combining these posts with a high-quality chain and lock means your trailer won't be going anywhere.

Sometimes referred to as ground anchors (and for good reason) there are a few forms you can choose from. Some security posts are designed to rotate to allow for more movement and flexibility when it comes to securing things to the post. There are also static options which we would recommend for those looking for the highest level of security - fewer moving parts means more sturdiness, and more difficulty removing. The SAS Concrete in Ground Anchor is a great example of a super sturdy ground anchor and features two criss-cross pins which can be concreted into the ground to make it totally immovable.

Ground Anchor

To Summarise

Securing your trailer when it is not in use is highly important, an unprotected trailer is a criminal's dream and presents easy pickings. Trailer security devices can be used simultaneously which will improve the protection of your trailer exponentially. A well-protected trailer should provide a visible deterrent as well as a physical one. Well-placed security devices will put a criminal off stealing your trailer as soon as they see it, making your trailer look difficult to take is usually enough to send a thief on their way. For any more information on how you can protect your trailer from thieves get in touch with us at TrailerTek or check out our security devices.