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What is a trailer hitch coupling?

What is a trailer hitch coupling?

What is a trailer hitch coupling?

A trailer hitch coupling is a device that attaches the coupler of your trailer to the hitch. They come in many sizes and types, but the most important thing is that they match the tongue of your particular trailer. The trailer couplings fit all types of trailer hitches and work by clamping around the trailer hitch ball. At TrailerTek we offer braked and unbraked coupling from the world’s leading brands including AL-KO, Bradley, Indespension and Knott Avonride.

How does a trailer coupling work?

Once your trailer coupling is on the hitch ball you flip the level to put the trailer coupling into its locking position. Once it is in the locking position, the coupling should grip the hitch ball tightly and there should be no movement in the linkage if you pull it. For both safety and maintenance, it is important to make sure your coupler has been installed properly and if you need it is possible to get companies to do this installation for you. If the coupling is not installed properly, it is possible that you will damage your trailer.

How can I choose my trailer coupling?

First, you must determine your vehicle towing capacity and maximum tongue weight. Once you know this there are various types of coupling you can choose from including unbraked couplings for smaller trailers that have a gross load of no more than 750kg. Note that in the UK the law states that trailers used on the road with no brakes can only hold a gross weight of 750kg. For those looking to haul bigger loads we offer 3 types of braked couplings which are delta couplings, pole couplings and spring damped couplings. Below we will run through our best-selling couplings.

What are our bestselling unbraked trailer couplings?

AL-KO pressed steel coupling

Our AL-KO pressed steel coupling comes in 3 sizes which are 50mm, 60mm and 70mm. These are the box sizes on the coupling attached to your trailer’s drawbar or A-frame. It is a hard-wearing and heavy-duty trailer coupling for small trailers with loads of less than 750kg. AL-KO is one of the world’s leading brands for trailer parts and whilst we recommend this trailer coupling it is important you check the sizing on your trailer drawbar or A-frame before purchasing.

Bradley unbraked coupling

This heavy-duty Bradley coupling can tow up to 2600kg, but please note this is over UK legal road towing limit. This is an ideal coupling for agricultural use or for those looking to tow heavy loads on private property. It is a cast steel coupling and very easy to use.

Knott pressed steel coupling

Not that dissimilar to the AL-KO pressed steel coupling, this coupling is ideal for those who are looking to tow loads less than 750kg on the road. If you are an outdoor enthusiast or run a small landscaping or construction business this could be the perfect coupling for you. Trailertek offers the Knott steel coupling in 50mm and 60mm sizes to attach to your drawbar or A-frame. It is easy to use and a workhorse for all your towing needs.

What braked hitch couplings do we recommend?

What braked couplings do we recommend?

Indespension TripleLock Cast Delta Coupling

A delta coupling is designed to have a flat metal plate to fit you’re a-frame. We recommend the Indespension triple lock cast delta coupling and our range offers 3 towing load sizes: 1800kg, 2600kg and 3500kg. It has an auto-reverse function and comes with a security lock and bolt. Whilst its performance is like the Bradley delta couplings, we like that it comes with the security as with the Bradley delta couplings you need to purchase the lock and bolt separately. In our Trailertek range, we do offer Knott-Avonride delta couplings. Before purchasing please do check what size load you will be towing to ensure that your purchase is the suitable coupling. You will also need to choose a jockey wheel to go with these couplings and most of them will use 48mm jockey wheels.

Knott Avonride KRV Pole Trailer Coupling

Pole trailer couplings are designed to fit box sections or straight drawbars. At Trailertek we offer a wide range of Knott Avonride Pole trailer couplings so that you can get the right one for your trailer. The Knott-Avonride couplings that two from 1300ks to 2000kg come with pressed heads and the 3500kg coupling has a cast head. They are all made to have auto reverse breaks and jockey wheel mounts. Although we stock the AL-KO pole couplings, they are only available for loads up to 1600kgs so for those towing 2000kgs to 3500kg we recommend the Knott-Avonride delta couplings. Before purchasing, please make sure you check your drawbar and mounting hole measurements.

What are Spring damped couplings, and should I buy one?

Spring damped couplings are older trailer technology and are suitable for trailers with standard brakes that don’t have auto-reverse brakes. We do offer the Bradley spring damped coupling but would always encourage you to look at either a delta trailer coupling or a pole trailer coupling.  

What trailer coupling spares do I need?

Once you have chosen your coupling or have had it for a while you may need trailer coupling spares. We offer a wide range of trailer coupling spares from safety cables to couple dampers and couple heads to Indespension, AL-KO, Knott-Avonride and Bradley spares. There are some essentials that you do need like breakaway safety cables which are a legal requirement as if the trailer gets unhitched these will put the brakes on. We offer these in various sizes. Whilst each trailer is unique, it is hard to give one size fits all advice, but you can contact one of the many friendly staff members in our Trailertek office and we will be delighted to help you.  


Overall purchasing a trailer coupling might seem like a daunting task. Once you have your measurements and know what you will be towing there are many options for you and at TrailerTek our goal is to make this as easy and fun as possible. If you are in doubt, please be sure to get in touch with one of our team. We hope you enjoyed reading this.