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About the Thule company and what they are known for

About the Thule company and what they are known for


Thule is a market leader and is one of the world's best-known suppliers of car accessories. It all started in 1942 in Sweden with the Thulin family. It wasn’t until the 1960s that Thule really took off when it started specialising in the manufacturing and distribution of roof racks and accessories which were revolutionary in allowing vehicles to increase their luggage capacity through additional storage areas. Today Thule continues to build on that strong reputation for innovative design, high-quality products and above all for being safe and reliable. The wide product range meets the needs of many people including roof bars, roof boxes, roof rack components, bike racks and accessories.

What are Thule roof bars and how do they work?

Thule roof bars are the perfect way to add extra storage space to your vehicle. They are easy to install and work with most types of roofs, making them a great option for many different types of cars. Thule roof bars are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the elements, making them a durable and long-lasting option for your car.

Thule Wingbar Edge 

The Thule Wingbar Edge is an ultra-modern range of Thule roof bars that are designed to be efficient, sleek and strong. With its wind diffuser technology, the bar's wing shape helps reduce drag while driving and increases fuel efficiency. They also have a very robust design, allowing you to easily carry heavy loads. We wouldn’t expect anything else from Thule! The different width sizes of the bars match your car, and you can choose from aluminium roof bars or black roof bars. We sell these in singles and in double packs, so please check to make sure that you are purchasing what you need.

Thule SquareBar

The Thule SquareBar is the most cost-effective range of roof bars on the market. They are incredibly robust, allowing you to transport kayaks, camping gear, luggage or other Thule accessories like bike racks with ease. This cost-effective solution does have one downside compared to the Thule Wingbar Edge and Thule Wingbar Evo in that when driving, it will make a whistling noise due to its square shape. However, this is a small price to pay for the cost savings that Thule SquareBar offers. The Thule SquareBar comes in pairs, one for the front of your car and one for the back of your car, are black and have different sizes depending on the width of your car.

Thule ProBar Evo 

If you're looking for a heavy-duty roof bar that can handle loads of up to 50kg, the Thule ProBar Evo is a great option. Made from aluminium, they have a unique tri-slot design that allows you to fit multiple accessories either independently or in combination. These roof bars have a lower T-track connection to the roof, as well as upper and rear T-tracks for fast installation or removal of accessories. Before buying, please make sure you check the maximum roof load capacity for your vehicle and check out our Thule finder to find out which Thule fitting kit is right for your vehicle.

Thule Wingbar Evo  

The Thule Wingbar Evo is an innovative, all-in-one solution for cars with roof rails. No extra tools are needed to set these dynamic Thule creations as they are complete and universal raised railing racks. For this Thule roof bar, you don’t need a foot pack. The roof bar has a rubber lining which protects it from scratching your car as well as having a lock as a security feature. For that who want an easy, quick and hassle-free solution this is the perfect Thule product! Like the Thule Wongbar Edge, these bars are ultra-modern and have wind diffuser technology to reduce driving noise and boost fuel economy.

What are Thule vehicle rooftop cargo boxes and what types can I buy? 

Have you ever had a family trip where not everything will fit in the car or the children are complaining about the space they have? If so, then you need a Thule cargo roof box. Thule has been a market leader in rooftop storage for decades, and its roof boxes are incredibly popular. With their long warranty, aerodynamics, sleek design and safety record, it isn’t hard to see why. Once you buy one, it is straightforward to attach them to the Thule roof bars on your car. Thule has four main designs of roof boxes: the Thule Ocean, Thule Vector, Thule Motion and Thule Force. We will go through them below, giving all the information you need before buying one.

Thule Force XT Roofbox Range

If you're looking for a great roof box for your next road trip, the Thule Force XT is a great option. It's quick and easy to install and comes with an exclusive black matte lid. It's also available in two sizes, so you can choose the one that's right for your car.

The Thule Force XT has a dual opening system for easy access to all areas inside the box and comes with an exclusive black matte lid. AutoLeisure offers it in two sizes, small which has a capacity of 300L, perfect for small cars and hatchbacks, and large which has a capacity of 450L for the greatest adventure. 

Thule Ocean Roofbox Range

This is the budget range of Thule Roofboxes. Thule's budget does not mean compromising on quality or design. Made from High-Strength Specially Formulated Plastic, they are incredibly strong, rigid and have UV protection. Each roof box has a high-quality central locking system to put your mind at ease and they come in a gloss black finish. At AutoLeisure we offer The Thule Ocean 80, Ocean 100, Ocean 200 and Ocean 600 boxes. The number corresponds to the size of the box so if you need a smaller space we recommend buying the Ocean 80 which has a capacity of 320 litres, perfect for a small car. If you are looking to carry other items on your Thule roof bars such as a bike rack then we recommend buying the Ocean 600 which is designed to be longer so that you can attach that bike to your roof rack.

Thule Vector Roofbox 

The Thule Vector roofbox is the king of cargo roof boxes. It features an elegant sporty design that has an incredibly distinctive look on any car. The Thule Vector has a premium interior with a felt-lined base for increased cargo protection and a white-coloured interior lid with LED-light facilities to help to load and unload at night. There is more than enough space for whatever you are carrying with its 430L capacity. This beautiful roof box pairs premium features with performance styling to make it one of the most premium roof boxes on the market.

The Thule Vector is the perfect roof box for anyone looking for style, performance, and protection. It's the perfect choice for carrying cargo in any car.

Thule Motion XT Range 

The Thule Motion XT range is perfect for those who need plenty of space for everything they want to bring along with them. Its design is optimized for space efficiency, and it comes with the PowerClick quick-mount system for fast and secure fitting. Additionally, its grip-friendly outer handles make it easy to open, and its forward position on the car gives you easy access to the trunk. We carry a variety of sizes and colours (Glossy Silver or Black). The Thule Motion XT Sport is the smallest of the range with a 300L capacity, but for those who need the most space, the Thule Motion XT XXL is the ideal choice with a 600L capacity.

At AutoLeisure, we believe that people should enjoy the great outdoors. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to enjoy the outdoors, and we hope that our Thule product breakdown has helped point people in the right direction, whether they are looking to buy Thule roof bars, Thule roof boxes, or Thule accessories. If anyone has any doubts, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the AutoLeisure team. We would be more than happy to assist you.