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What is a trailer suspension unit and how does it work?

What is a trailer suspension unit and how does it work?


For many people towing trailers of all different types such as boat trailers, caravans, camper trailers, horse boxes or light commercial trailers, a suspension is nothing more than a few bits of mechanical hardware thrown together that separates the wheels from the trailer body. It is much more than that and we will give you a basic understanding of your trailer's suspension and what they do. We have also recommended some of the best options in the market including Peak suspension units to Knott Avonride suspension units.

In a nutshell, a suspension unit is designed to connect the wheels (and if it is a brakes suspension unit the brakes) to the body of the trailer and whilst driving on the road they are designed to absorb the worst of any physical blows that occur from an unsmooth surface. They also must absorb the noise whilst upholding safe towing through maintaining the handling of the trailer behind the vehicle.  

What type of trailer suspension units are there?

Before buying your trailer suspension unit you need to consider what your trailer is used for and the weight it will carry. At Trailertek we offer unbraked suspension units and braked suspension units which can take weights from 250kg up to 1800kg. In the UK it is required by law to have brakes on trailers with a laden weight of over 750kg.

Unbraked suspension units

The two types of unbraked trailer suspension units you can choose from are unbraked suspension units without hubs and unbraked suspension units with fitted cast hubs. Two examples of our best-selling high-quality suspension units with and without hubs are the Avonride 350kg suspension, extended stubs and cast hubs fitted and the Peak 750kg. suspension units, standard stub axle.

Braked suspension units

For those who are towing trailers with weights of more than 750kg, you will need a braked suspension unit. We stock Avonride and Peak braked suspension units for weights of 750kg, 1300kg, 1500kg and 1800kg.

What else do I need when I buy a suspension unit? 

When buying a suspension unit don’t forget to buy a suspension mounting plate to attach it to your trailer. We offer both 6-hole suspension mounting plates and 8-hole suspension mounting plates. Be sure to check your unit before you purchase it to make sure you are buying the right one. We also have a range of suspension kits with all the components including hubs, bearings and caps, which you need to make as easy as possible.

If I buy a trailer suspension unit, do I need an axle?

No, you don’t need an axle if you buy a suspension unit as the unit is what you mount to the trailer chassis and attach the wheels to your trailer. We also stock a wide range of braked and unbraked torsion axles. These can be purchased as an alternative to suspension units. A torsion axle is made with thick rubber concealed inside the axle’s tubing. Whilst towing your trailer each wheel moves up and down and the rubber inside the axle compresses giving an even wheel suspension for a smooth ride. A torsion axle allows each wheel to act independently to absorb any shocks from the road. Due to fewer moving parts on the torsion axle, a key benefit of it is that it requires less maintenance. All you need to do is give us the measurements for your axel and we will get it made to these specifications.

Another type of axle we sell at Trailertek is a stub axle. These are for off-road use only as the suspension is required by law. We offer these as individual units or can be purchased in kits with hubs and bearings.  

Why should I buy a new trailer suspension unit or torsion axle?

The answer is simple! Why would you purchase a new trailer when you can just upgrade your trailer suspension or torsion axle? By upgrading your trailer suspension or trailer axle you can not only increase the life of your trailer but also improve its performance. Both our suspension units and torsion axles will help you increase your trailer's ability to withstand uneven terrain or handle bumpy corrugated roads.

There are a lot of things to consider when looking at trailer suspension units and axles. The most important thing is to understand exactly what you are using your trailer for and the weights you will be towing. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible when deciding on what you need but if you are in any doubt please do get in touch with one of our friendly team who is here to help guide you through the process.

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