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New trailers vs. used trailers

New trailers vs. used trailers

What are the benefits of used trailers?

Our 'used' trailers are almost as good as new, but come with a smaller price tag. We stock a huge range of used and reconditioned trailers that we gain in our exchange scheme. Browse our full range of used trailers here.

How do we know that our new trailers are as good as new?

Because our clever in-house mechanic, Shane, has done all the checks and work himself, using quality new parts.

So, if you're looking to upgrade your trailer, or find you now need a different type of trailer entirely, then why not bring your old trailer in and see if we can part exchange it? This is where you'll find us. The only trailers we never accept are boat trailers. That's because the salt water corrodes them and it's hard to tell how much useful life they have left in them.

We're often asked whether we would recommend buying a new trailer over a used one. The answer depends on what used trailers we have in stock at the time, what you need the trailer for and what your budget is. If you spot a used trailer on our website that you may be interested in, then give us a call on 01962 774988. We'll know its age and history and can help advise you on your decision.